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Iraqi gold reserves triple YTD

Goldbarren (Foto: Rand Refinery)
Iraq officially holds 90 tons of gold in reserves

According to latest data from the World Gold Council, compared to the previous month, Iraq has increased its gold reserves by 47.8 tons.

The latest numbers provided by the World Gold Council show further increase on Iraqi gold reserves. In the latest report for June, displaying nation’s gold-holdings worldwide, Iraq is now ranked #37 with a total of 90 tons.

Compared to last month Iraq’s gold reserves soared by 47.8 tons. As reported by Goldreporter, Iraq had already purchased 36 tons in March, and has therefore now tripled its stock YTD. Gold reserves in Russia and Turkey have also grown, according to the WGC-report.

All changes in national gold reserves, compared to the previous month:

  • Iraq +47,8 t
  • Russia +27,7 t
  • Turkey +15,5 t
  • Kazakhstan +2,7 t
  • Mongolia+2,5 t
  • Jordan +1,6 t
  • Ukraine +0,3 t
  • Philippines +0,2 t
  • Greece +0,1 t
  • Tajikistan -1,9 t
  • Mexico -0,1 t

The complete list of gold reserves globally!


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