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Survey: 68 percent of Germans trust in Gold

Goldbarren (Foto: Bernd Schuller - Pro Aurum)
7 % of Germans own gold bullion and coins

A current survey by the German Forsa-Institute, commissioned by the precious metal vendor Pro Aurum shows, that gold is still highly recognised by the Germans, but equities have caught up in terms of profit expectations.

Savings accounts and fixed deposits don’t generate any interest anymore and equities are often considered as risky. But although gold didn’t exactly perform great in the last 3 years, Germans still consider this precious metal as the investment with the greatest earnings prospects, as a Forsa-survey repeatedly commissioned by the precious metal vendor Pro Aurum shows. But the results also show that equities were able to catch up. The June 2014 survey asked participants to complete the following sentence: “If you were to make a choice on an investment, you would draw the highest profit in 3 years with…”.

With 28 % gold achieved the highest approval rate, followed by equities (27 %), fund shares (11 %), fixed deposits (9 %) and bonds (2 %), while 23 % answered “Don’t know”. In the latest poll in October 2013 gold had an approval rate of 27%, equities back then only obtained 20 %.

The participants were also asked to provide information on their investments. Life insurance, with 35 %, was clearly considered the most important by the Germans. As to expect, classic German investments like Building Loan Contracts and Real Estate were also listed in the Top 5.

Precious metal ownership has slightly gone up recently, but more or less stays on the same level it was in the last few years. 7 % of the interviewees stated they own gold bullion or coins, 4 % stated they own silver bullion or coins. The closing question was about gold as an investment and the interviewees were asked to evaluate on 4 predefined answers. With 76 % considering gold as a good additional investment, and 68 % still considering gold as a stable investment, the results were considerably higher than last year (62 %), but lower than they were in July 2011 (70 %).

The survey was conducted from June 10th to 13th 2014 in the context of a systematic random selection (multilevel random sampling) on 1,001 pollees with computer-assisted telephone interviews. The individual data shows that gold by tendency is given the most preference by people aged 45-59, with middle income and graduation.

See german version for more details plus tables


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  1. The difference between the proportion of gold owners and the proportion of those who expect gold to be a good investment is odd. Clearly gold supporters are unwilling to walk the talk and become gold owners!

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