Montag,12.April 2021

„If we want peace, we need money backed by gold“

Professor Anatal E. Fekete urges a gold based monetary system in order to ensure peace.

„The role of gold in the question of war and peace is very important. If we want peace, we need a monetary system that is based on gold“, says professor Anatal E. Fekete in an interview with german publishing house Johannes Müller.

Feteke asks, what people will probably be thinking in hundred years from now when they reflect the past. „What happened in the year 2012? In 2012 governments were printing money and they were falling over themselves. One country wanted to print more money than the other and they were destroying the value of their paper money in order to fight senseless wars. They will justly think, that those people and their institutions, their governments were insane“.

Feteke concludes: „If you have a gold based monetary system, war will be limited and peace will be lasting“. Why? Because gold encourages productive growth. And in a world of gold based money unproductive wars are simply not fundable.


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