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Germans own over 9.000 tons of gold

A new study estimates that German private households own around 9,100 tons of gold. That's 270 tons more than in 2019, according to the survey.

Gold dealers in germany, winners of corona crisis

The German precious metals retail sector is doing good business despite the Corona restrictions - but also faces challenges.

Gold ETF: investors pull out $1.5 billion

In the wake of the recent gold price decline, metal holdings in the GLD Gold ETF have fallen by 26 tons in a week.

SLV Silver ETF: Here are the biggest investors!

The SLV silver ETF made headlines in recent weeks. Many young U.S. investors put money in silver through this fund. Here are the biggest institutional investors.

BlackRock dumps gold and buys silver

In the fourth quarter, the world's largest asset manager dumped shares in SPDR Gold Shares worth about $478 million. In exchange, it got in on the largest Silver ETF.

Silver takes off, banks shiver from „Wallstreetbets“

Can the swarm of young U.S. investors (keyword: Wallstreetbets) attack the silver market, cause the silver price to explode and endanger the entire banking industry? On Monday morning, silver already moved up significantly. An analysis.

Gold price performance: Trump beats Obama

Joe Biden will be sworn in today as the 46th head of state of the United States. Under which U.S. presidents has the price of gold risen the most?

Official Gold Reserves: These Countries stocked up

According to the World Gold Council's latest listing, India, Qatar and Uzbekistan recently added the most to their gold reserves.

Gold Silver Ratio sharply lower: what does it mean?

The prices of gold and silver have risen significantly this year, the silver price even more than the gold price. How should the retracement of the gold silver ratio be assessed?

New Corona shock: How does Gold react?

A viral mutation sends European stock markets down. A gold price breakout was initially thwarted on Monday.

Gold from Switzerland: USA received almost 500 tons

The United States has already received nearly 500 tons of gold from Switzerland this year. India was again the largest buyer of gold from Swiss refineries in November.

German retailer Pro Aurum sells 12 tons of gold per quarter

German precious metals retailer Pro Aurum reports a 50 percent increase in sales over the course of the year. For the year as a whole, the company is looking at sales of around 50 tons of gold.

German retailers report run on gold and silver

German precious metals dealers report a rapid increase in demand for gold and silver following the announcement of a harsh nationwide lockdown.

Gold ETF sees further outflows

From the world's largest gold ETF, 397 million U.S. dollars in investor funds were again withdrawn last week.

Gold price down, this major bank stocked up

Gold bought cheaply? The Bank for International Settlements' gold holdings are believed to have increased by about 14 tons in November.

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